Hi, I'm Shabbar!

I am a student at the University of Toronto, where I study Industrial Engineering. I have a keen interest in business and technology. Specificially, I am intrigued by the power sofware has to improve a business as a whole.

I believe that in many ways, technology has fundamentally changed how we interact with the world but sometimes this change has not been optimal for people. I am a huge believer in human centred design, and aspire to put humans first in everything I build.

This webpage serves as a living document of some of the things that I have done; a portfolio. As such, it is a perpetual work in progress!

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Personal Projects

Onyx Motion's Applications of Swish Section Design


I added visual elements to the Onyx Motion Website to help convey some of the applications of Swish, Onyx Motion's sports coaching app for wearable devices.

When working on the site, a major challenge that I had was learning how to use jQuery to modify video elements in a webpage. I had no prior experience with it and had to spend a great deal of time understanding how I could levrage it for the site.

Another challenge I had was ensuring that everything is correctly aligned on the site. By struggling to understand the powerful row and column system given by Bootstrap, I was able to create a beautiful, well-aligned section of the site. And, this experience has enabled me to do well in future projects such as my portfolio (which is what you are reading right now).

High School Admissions Automation Problem

As a part of my class on the the Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming (MIE 250), I created a program to help assign students to high schools. The program had to account for GPA, extra curriculars and student preference to assign them to schools.

This program implemented the Gale-Shapely algorithm, which is suitor optimal. In my implementation of the Gale-Shapely algorithm, the students were the suitors and the schools were the recievers. I applied various optimizations to ensure algorithm efficiency. In the end, My algorithm was able to make 2000 matches in less than 750ms.

The Canadian-Muslim Vote Educational Content Redesign

Canadian Muslim Vote Site

The Canadian-Muslim Vote is a national, non-partisan, educational organization whose aim is to increase Muslim civic engagement. I led the redesign of the two main educational sections of the Canadian-Muslim Vote's website, incorporating various elements such as videos and images.

The educational content developed for the site was very text heavy, and I realized early on that I had to do things to make it reader friendly. I decided to do the following:

  • Highlight important text using color
  • Visually arrange text into readable chunks
  • Hide text and give users the power to unhide text

All of these design features helped make the new sections user friendly.

This site was made with the help of Twitter's Bootstrap, Font Awesome Icons, and Google Fonts Open Sans.